What Do You See, When You Look At It!

When you look at your relationship, what do you do see? Does it bring you joy, is it kind, and/or do you feel the favor of God in it? Sometimes we hold on when we’re suppose to LET GO OF IT! You know, the more we hold on to something we suppose to let go of, we torture ourselves. Depending on how deep the denial is, it can take years of wasted time before we act on it. Having all the signs we need to make the best decision, we procraustinate. Having all the fraustration we can take, yet we stay in the place where we get mistreated and abused in some form or fashion. Of course, we are still learning something, if we stay around dealing with a thing. God is going to get some use out of the situation! Us growing in different areas our life, is beneficial to God far as Him using us the way He see fit! I don’t know about you but I want to be used by God to do the work He ordered for me! God will annoit your feet to walk the path He has planned for you! We get sad after the relationship is over thinking we wasted so much time but God has a way of using that situation to raise us up even more! 

Joel Osteen says, start deactivating those negative genes! These relationships that we have holding us or damaging us in some way; aren’t always relationships with a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend or companion. It could be family and friends as well! Watch out the company you keep, the ones you have in your close circle can contaminate you as a child of God and doing His will! He loves you too much to leave you the same, so He will remove the people who doesn’t mean you any good! Follow His will, your steps are ordered! Live and Love ON PURPOSE and stay blessed!



It’s funny how you meet someone and feel a connection with them right away. Now, this doesn’t have to mean opposite sex or whatever your preference maybe. It could be someone you met standing in line, at a store, waiting to check out. You casually begin a conversation with the person in front of you or the other way around; to eventually realize you’re talking like you’ve known each other a lifetime! In talking to them you think, “I like their personality or what a sweet person,” afterwards you want to get to know this person outside where you’ve met. You exchange numbers and begin to communicate more; excited at the fact they are easy to talk to! Time is passing by, you have gotten to the point where you don’t go a day without speaking to one another, whether you agree; this is time invested. Okay, now let’s go so far as to say, your not in a relationship; hasn’t even been discussed. You know there is a connection between the two of you but as I said you’ve never tried to take your conversation to that level. You wasn’t looking for a relationship from the beginning, its just all the attention and invested time involved has you thinking on another level. In addition to that; they are so loving towards you, as if you’re already together. All of a sudden, you want to know how they feel about you because this isn’t a communicated subject, you kind of been just phone buddies up to this point. You have feelings for them and want to get more acquainted; so you build yourself up to ask. REJECTED….their reason is, they are not ready to be in any relationship. Now you feeling silly because you felt like you shouldn’t have said anything at all but it’s too late for regrets. You have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off! Then you start a process of backing up because the result wasn’t what you thought. You have a bitter taste in your mouth and now trying to withdraw from all the time you spend talking to the person. Your a little embarrassed, the person that was once getting so much attention, now doesn’t hear from you much anymore. They begin to call you; why? When someone frequently has your attention then suddenly they do not, NOW you have theirs!

See, your feelings are hurt. You began switching things up, tables begin to turn and now eyes begin to open! Their problem is they never noticed the feelings were building, your problem was you did, because investment causes expectation. You began expecting more would come from the friendship. Frustration has come into play from your disappointment.

My advice is, don’t be disappointed, take back what you feel or throw in the towel. If it’s who you really want, be patient and pray about it! If it’s worth it, they will begin to see you in the right light and something powerful can start to happen! Some people deny the connection that you know you both have. It’s okay, sometimes you have to make certain steps for them to see what’s right in front of them! Your main step must be presenting all wants to God and He will show you the way! If the person is for you, you will know after you pray about it. If not, God will make it clear and you won’t have to suffer disappointment like this particular situation. Prayer is power, USE IT!!!!!!!! Live and Love ON PURPOSE while staying blessed!


Have you ever felt like the people around you are way to difficult to love? I know I have…many times! To be honest, I was difficult too! I guess that is why God worked on me so young, because He knew He would use me to help a great deal of people! It seemed God was playing jokes on me back then! Growing up, I couldn’t understand why everyone He brought into my life was so hard to love. As I have grown up; I have learned to appreciate those types of people, realizing that I was created to LOVE HARD. The thing about these types of people, is the harder they made it to love them, showed the depth to which they needed the love I was sent to offer. I spoke with one of my cousin’s today and we talked about this very thing; laughing now about how she used to be versus who she has become! Yes, we laugh NOW!!! It was not so funny then but we made it through! I am very proud of her growth and she is a lot like me now days! Watching them grow and the softening their harden hearts, is nothing less than amazing!

There has not been one person whom I’ve come encounters with that wasn’t difficult in some area of their life. When you find that you are loving complicated people, sometimes you think, “I can’t do this anymore” not understanding what to do about it. I know you think it would easier to just walk away from them but does God give up on us? Of course not, as matter of fact He loves us unconditionally! No, we are not God but we do have the love of God in us and He shows us how to love those He places in our life; even when they try to push us away. They don’t understand why someone would keep loving them, how they be acting, knowing the majority have already walked away. They are used to it and tend to push as a means of not hurting; awaiting the next person to leave them. They think they have no control over it, that this is who they are and just cannot help it. The great thing is, once they start to grow in the area of love, they soon realize they can! Yes, it does take real patience, consideration of where they come from (family, past relationships, etc) and one more important thing; giving what you want to receive! When they think of it like that, it changes them in a major way and they start to become easier to deal with! Just don’t allow the difficult person that you are trying to love, change you in the wrong way or your effort to love them will be in vain. Pray about it every step you take with them so it won’t become work or some type of idol. You can give someone too much of yourself, to find out that it is controlling you and your day. That would be the wrong thing to do because you are then making them your God! No one is above God, let Him carry you through the hard times and you will be blessed by results eventually! God can use you to do amazing things in someone’s life if you allow Him to work through you!  If you start thinking about what I’m saying and realize you are the complicated one; just remember that you get what you give! Live and Love ON PURPOSE while staying blessed!!!

Great Love Could Be Right In Front Of You!!!

I have taking some time off my blogging to cater to the love in my life and was inspired to write by a fellow blogger!!! Thanks girlfriend!!! I been trying to assist in renewing my love life because lets face it, this has to happen often in relationships in order to become and stay successful!! I’m not afraid to admit that although I’m in the greatest relationship I’ve ever experienced; we are a work in progress! I love my blessing God gave and in mastering the relationship; strong prayer and belief that God brought it all together is acknowledged firsthand! As we know God doesn’t make mistakes, knowing this helps you to become consistent in making a difference like you wouldn’t believe!

So let me go on to say that this relationship wasn’t grand from the jump. I seen something he couldn’t even phantom at that time! As a matter of fact; he would say things like “you looking for something that is in the movies and your not living in reality” I was though, I was very much in reality and wasn’t rushing anything. I seen something in him he couldn’t see in anyone and I wasn’t letting what he thought ruin what God had shown me! He was the one! I did have a TV moment because for me , it was love at first site ..NO LIE! I always thought that kind of thing was a joke and wasn’t trying to get myself caught up in such a thing; before I saw him for the first time! As I said before I wasn’t rushing ANYTHING AT ALL! I knew he needed time to go through some things, in order to see what was right in front of him all along and that was me!!! I also needed time to become what God wanted me to be for him and that hasn’t been easy, not to mention God is still working and always will be! It has been a roller-coaster right from the beginning but not a bad one as you would think when referring to the word “roller-coaster” just trying to know when the real love kicked in and if it was time to express certain feelings from both parties. You CAN give emotional feelings prematurely and that will make you give up fast, if your not careful. We were both aware of this but I think we end up being a little too cautious which prolonged the actual feelings once we knew we had them or made us continue push each other away when trying to express them; also ignoring when the other was finally trying to open up. We both had been hurt many times by other people and couldn’t believe it when the truth was being said, so we both gave each other that certain unbelievable look; trying to know the difference from past pain. There were many times I thought, what am I doing and why? It was always that still small voice I heard guiding me to love him anyway, regardless of what I saw or thought about what was actually happening! I have to say; I am glad I listened because had I walked away, I would have missed a great love that was just waiting to release from such a wonderful person disguised with a very hard shell! 

Now he says things like “I never want to lose you, you are my Queen and God placed you in my life not for a season but A LIFETIME!” These are words I only imagined he would say to me, not ever knowing he would really say them in reality! Sometimes you have to be patient with the work of God, what comes easy probably isn’t worth the trouble it will soon cause! When you wait for God to give you what you prayed for it doesn’t always look like the blessing it actually is! Most of the time it seems most difficult to accomplish but those are usually the ones that counts the most and goes the furthest! Don’t run from the vision given and don’t hide yourself from the blessings coming your way! There’s always a ram in the bush, just ask God to give you vision and follow His lead and you too will see the GREAT LOVE THAT COULD BE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU or on the way!!!!!!

If You Don’t Know! Morning News & Politics: Another Black Person Killed After Knocking On The Door…AND MORE!

Where is the love, no one is expressing any love just hate….I don’t under how you go to get help and end up dead, this is an OUTRAGE. The sad thing about it is the police believe the self defense bull, oh yeah I guess they would since they done the samething last month to a young man looking for help after he had an accident and was disoriented from the crash. Senseless killings are getting the world no where, which is the reason for the LOVE MOVEMENT. More people need to learn how to love because they weren’t taught how too. I am totally disappointed that we can’t even ask folks for help in a accident and tragedy nowdays; what has this world come to…I pray this family get justice because they deserve it, she didn’t…..

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The family of a 19-year-old killed in Michigan are calling for justice after the gunman who shot her claimed self defense. Police believe Renisha McBride was shot because the shooter thought she was an intruder. Her family, however, is saying that the shooting was no accident — McBride was not trying to break into his home. In fact, McBride knocked on the door of a home, hoping for assistance after she got in a car accident. Instead, she got a gunshot to the head. Sound familiar?

From Gawker,

Renisha McBride, a 19-year-old from Detroit, is presumed to have been asking for help when she knocked on the door of a Dearborn Heights home at 2:30 A.M. on Saturday. McBride had been in a car accident and her cellphone was dead. Rather than offering shelter to McBride, however, the homeowner came out and shot her in the head with a shotgun…

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Encouragement to Love

Matthew 5: 44-46 says, but I tell you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, To show that you are the children of your Father Who is in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the wicked and on the good, and makes the rain fall upon the upright and the wrongdoers [alike], For if you love those who love you, what reward can you have?

I know in the world we live in today, it’s hard to simply love and even harder to be in love. Trust is a major part of long lasting love but trust is our most expensive prized possession that we hold on to with a tiger grip; a death hold so to speak! Releasing that hold is entirely up to us, there will always be some force stopping us from trusting the one we’re with or the one we want to be with; so we have to choose to trust them! I wouldn’t dare tell you that it is easy but if you have the right person on your side, it’s possible that they can help at making very easy to love and trust them by the way they respond to your trust issues and insecurities. If you have someone that is inconsiderate about your feelings or nonchalant about certain things you are going through, then you will continue to spiral downwards in your emotions towards the thing that bothers you most. It’s a blessings when the person you are with is gentle, loving and compassionate to whats going on with the relationship! You have to know that you have someone on your side that will not judge you for it but help you in trying to settle those feelings in a good place! Its not an easy road, you have to be determined to win, in order to reach a successful relationship! it is a two way street but it still can work if only one of you are believing for the best and praying for the rest! Be encouraged to love because there is no greater feeling! Remember GOD IS LOVE,so love is everything; and it definitely can be a success if you want it bad enough! The joy of love is hardly explainable but very evident when you truly have it! its a glow you can’t explain, nor can you hide it! It’s left up to you whether you want it or not…BE ENCOURAGED!!!!!!!


BE RESTORED!!!!!! Don’t base your value, everyday joy and peace on people; how they treat you or don’t treat you is on them. Live in joy on purpose and it will become contagious! The next thing that will happen is people will start wondering why you so happy and at peace; even when they know you, know your going through something that should bring you down or rob you of your peace. If a person is watching you be this way constantly and trust me someone is always watching; they will want whatever it is! I have found two major reactions to this way of living in my everyday life; a person will either love you or hate you for it. If they love you for it, they may begin making changes within themselves, in order to feel the way you do; enjoy life and have peace similar to yours. This form of action is positive and will start a ripple effect; causing the people around them to start changing also!  If they hate you for it, which is a form of envy/jealousy, usually they don’t understand that you can have this kind of joy if you really want it and will cause a domino effect by knocking down everything in their path. Of course, this isn’t a good response, but it happens; not all people are the same, so it can’t be avoided.

If it seems you are feeling down on a regular basis, its time to BE RESTORED! It isn’t something that comes easy but it will become more simple to tap into the more you exercise it, instead of dwelling in those down emotions, you will learn how to shake it off when the feeling starts and change the course of your day; which the enemy comes in to destroy. Let’s start putting negative energy and negative people behind us! Have a blessed day everyone!